Repairing the birdhouse.

All the holes and rotted wood fixed.

Two days of work done.

New top needs to be cut, finial put back on.

Then sanding and repainting.


Ready to go back outside.


Antiques and Vintage Sale

Here are photos taken before
we opened the doors
on Friday morning.


Patio facelift

My potting shed and interlocking brick patio are 20 years old.

I had them build for my 50th birthday.
I paid for them with my antique business profits.

Now 20 years later,
the interlocking brick patio was looking sad and neglected.  It was
dirty, mossy, and had weeds growing between the bricks.

So we had it power washed and re-sanded.  I am amazed how good
it turned out.  Power washing is an amazing thing.

The urn on the far right is one of a pair.  They are 60 years old and looked it
so I did something I rarely do, I repainted antiques.

The patio table and chairs are 20 years old and they too looked
sad and chipped.  They are aluminum, and we bought them from
a local grocery store for $150.

I have always liked their style and their original color which was
a little lighter than the repaint.

This color is Oregano in a satin finish.

I used Rust-O-Leum's 2X Ultracover since the table and chairs are
aluminum, the base is iron, and the ring in the middle of the
table is plastic.

I wanted everything to match.

This picture was taken just as the sun was starting to shine through
the trees.


Ugly little hole fixed with driftwood, and flowers

Ugly little hole fixed with Lake Michigan Driftwood.

Gooseneck Loosestrife and Snowball Hydrangea.

Ugly little hole

Here is the ugly little hole.  It must have been made when the house was built
having something to do with the join of the side of the house and putting on roofing.

I don't want to fill it up with cement because that is roof underlayment
on the lower right side.  Black thing with paint on the end.

I just want to cosmetically cover the hole up.

At the bottom is the end of the gutter and to the right is roof.

From the ground we wouldn't even be able to see it if the gutter was just a little longer, but
we didn't notice the hole until the gutter guys were done.

Ah, the joys of home ownership!


Hostas Elegans

This started out as 6 plants 25+ years ago.  
There was a tree in the middle, 
but the tree was too close to the house so we took it out.

We have never divided them.  I guess we should move some now.
The diameter is around 8 feet.

They usually look perfect this early in the year, but this spring we had hail when they were 
leafing so you can see that the tips of many of them were damaged
by the hail.

They are not in the ideal location anymore because it is
hot and sunny in the afternoon (without the tree)
and they get burnt later in the summer
but I love them there.

That is a small oak leaf hydrangea on the left side.



The top ruler is a 72 inch slide out ruler.  Instead of folding out the sections slide out and lock.
An open ruler has a "stepback" of sections.

The next ruler is a 24 inch "fish" ruler with interesting information about fish.

The 72 inch metal folding rulers are next.  One with a lot of old dirt.

The next one is some kind of specialized measuring tool.  It folds in the middle and is metal.

Next down is a 12 inch Dual Rule metal ruler.

The bottom ruler is printers ruler.  Picas on one side and inches on the other.

I sold off most of my collection a couple of months ago, but I didn't sell any metal rulers.  I have never had many.



Here is the section where I have chalked and painted the brick backsplash.

And just today painted the underside of the upper formica cabinets.  They were stained with old discolored glue
the previous owners used to attach the brick to the wall.

If you scroll down a couple of posts you can see the before photo
of this section.


Indoor/Outdoor carpeting~ Update

My love affair with these synthetic indoor/outdoor area rugs continues.

I have just added one by the front door where we have VERY little clearance
to open the door.

We got the rug yesterday, and it takes a little bit for them to flatten out,
but we can open the door already.

They are inexpensive compared to other area rugs.

They are flat and thin.

They can be used inside and outside.

They are washable with a garden hose.

They stay clean looking, and do not look worn with use.

I have had one in my family room for a year
and it looks like new.

I got that one at Lowes for half price.
$35. has the best selection.

You may have the perfect place to use one or some of these.


What we had and the new beginnings.

Above is our un-grouted brick.

The section at the top right is grouted and painted.  

I'll be painting that edge under the cabinets too.

The rest of this section is grouted except at the bottom edge where
the countertops need to be removed so no grout for now.

Here is that section painted.

 Some of my color choices
for formica are in photo above.