bowl 1, marble fruit.

all of these photos are the same 3 marble fruit.  an apple, peach, and pear.
these three marble fruit would be $93 plus $6 shipping if you are in the u.s.

if you are not in the u.s. then shipping will be much more expensive

two of these are already listed in my shop~ the pear and peach,
you can find them if you click on the other link i gave you.

i am suggesting this particular pear because it is a nice big size and
i think that a bowl of marble fruit is more interesting if not all the fruit
is the same size.

odd numbers are easier to arrange that even numbers.

the most fruit you could get for $100 is 4 pieces (2 smaller pieces, instead of one bigger piece) 
and that would NOT include shipping.
4 or more pieces would also probably bump the shipping up to $12 if you are in the u.s.

this bowl is the same diameter as yours is, but probably shallower.

let me know where we should go from here.
the weather did not cooperate today and it was only briefly bright enough to take photos.

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