some options / marble fruit

i am using a different bowl this time.  this bowl's inside dimension is 9 inches.  

it is shallower that your bowl is though.

i am liking this combination, and here's why.

one of the apples and that big pear
 have some heft to them to command the bowl and arrangement.

each of the fruit is nice enough to use on it's own so if
you wanted to display them individually they are all nice looking fruit.

i love the colors together.  they contrast, are all different shapes and sizes
but blend well together.

there are two apples, two pears, and that smaller fruit that looks like a peach but smaller.

i am not sure what it would be called. i am not very good at fruit names.

this grouping would be $130 plus $12 shipping in a 
flat rate, priority box with insurance.

let me know what you think.

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