something from nothing.

someone gave me a box of old trim pieces cut into little pieces (free)
many years ago, these are the last of them.
painted, and repurposed into key holders.

 the mason jars are scrungy, mungy ones that were in my potting shed.  very discolored inside.
painted and and "decorated" with recycled ribbon i had around the house.

shelf, poodles, hooks and "lazy susans" from the basement.  
all redone from their original ugly colors.

old, ugly black suitcase, repainted and lined with pages
from a french book of plays from the 1800's.

old books painted, tied with recycled ribbon.
old picnic basket and some plain old wooden milk bottles,
old decorative molding from a corner cabinet.
old oak mirror with new paint.

this old dress form was a horrible color... blue and gray.
corner of an old drawer (on left) that i made into a display for jewelry.

just an overall picture of what white can do to take things that are old and worn out
and make them look fresh again for selling or when decorating.